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Bride wearing a beautiful wedding dress with a floral headpiece

Silvana Cini, designer and creator of handmade headpieces, offers bespoke services to create custom pieces that reflect the individual style of her customers. She uses only high quality materials and ensures that customer service is always a top priority. Silvana also offers free consultations to help her customers create unique pieces that are perfect for any occasion.

"Definite 5 stars go to Silvana and her great talent. Thank you for being such a nice person to communicate with...the headband will always remain so special to me and it was even more AMAZING completed my whole look on our wedding day"


How it works


Our bespoke service offers a fully customisable experience so you can create a headpiece that is truly unique. We provide an extensive range of materials, including crystals, pearls, florals and different types of wire, so you can design the perfect piece to complete your look

It's not easy to find the right person to create something so personal for the wedding day! Yet, seeing her previous work & having a very professional chat with Silvana, I was convinced I had found the right person! My headpiece, together with my team's pieces were way beyond my expectations! They were so professionally and passionately created in a way one cannot explain in words.


Silvana, our experienced headpiece designer, offers free consultations to help you create the perfect headpiece for your special day. She would love to hear from you to discuss the type of design you had in mind, and even if you are not sure what you are after, don't worry - she is here to help. Having pictures of the dress and any materials you wish to use will also help in creating your unique headpiece.


Once we have had the consultation, decided on the design, and received the final quote and deposit, Silvana will begin creating your handmade headpiece from her home studio. Throughout the process, she will send you photos of the progress to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome of the design you have chosen. With Silvana's years of experience in the art of making handmade headpieces, you can be sure that the final product will be of the highest quality.

Acrylic florals and crystals
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